My name is Amanda Wilkinson and I started face painting for parties many years ago. Along the way I was very saddened by how much single use plastic was being thrown away.

Most of us have seen The Blue Planet and heard David Attenborough's warnings and pleas about the future of our world, and how damaging our lifestyles are in particular to the oceans.  I often wished that I could do something about that.

Also, many parents would tell me how stressful it was trying to organise yet another kiddie's party, especially when you have to plan around work and siblings and find time. And, possibly the worst thing, mums and dads miss out on sharing quality time on their child's birthday, the most important day of the year!

So I realised that I can help both the planet and parents at the same time by providing all that is needed to host a wonderful party without the use of throwaway plastics. I also bought together trusted family and friends along with professional entertainers to give you and your child a wonderful day to remember!

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